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Beaches Anambas Indonesia

Paradise Islands Indonesia

Investment Benefits

The paradise island residences are private, exclusive villas that come fully and tastefully furnished. Our islands are a short travel distance away from the metropolis of Singapore and yet worlds away. The Residences come with their own private beaches and access to all of the luxury facilities that the neighboring resort has to offer.

Secure Investment Income

Villa owners have the unique chance to invest in a frontier market and as such, guaranteed a 5% return on your investment per annum for the first three years to be extended. Find out more

Watch Your Investment Grow

Purchase a villa for your own private island retreat, rent it back to the adjacent boutique resort island for a source of passive income or simply hold on to the property until it appreciates and you receive a rich return on your initial investment.

Fully Managed

With over 30 years combined management experience in the hospitality industry and more than 13 luxury boutique resorts across Europe and Asia, the management company is uniquely qualified to add value to any upscale hotel or resort project. Since their launch, they have carved a highly successful niche offering of hotel investment opportunities. Our clients can now invest in the high-growth Indonesian tourism market in a special location. All villa owners will be offered the chance to rent back their property when not using it to enjoy strong annual returns.

Vacations & Revenue

The perfect investment opportunity for forward thinking investors who are interested in property investment, as well as anyone who wants the opportunity to own their own private piece of island paradise.

Pay Over 18 Months

Since our luxury island villas are not technically constructed yet, our buyers aren’t expected to make the full payment of your villa right at the start – instead, we have prepared a schedule into what’s called ‘progressive payments’. Find out more

Experienced Remote Developer

A highly specialist remote developer that challenges the concept of luxury resorts that protect their guests from the outside world within a secure haven. Instead of changing the environment they prefer to build around it to be able to provide full synergy with local culture and context. As a sustainable developer, it is their policy to protect, develop and conserve the country’s natural resources by supporting the implementation of plans, programs and projects formulated to preserve and enhance the environment while pursuing socio-economic goals.

Natures Paradise in Anambas
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