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Anambas Indonesia

Paradise Islands Indonesia

The Anambas Archipelago

Quite possibly the last untouched tropical paradise left to be discovered...

Anambas Islands
Natures Paradise in Anambas
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The Anambas Archipelago

Named Asia's Best Tropical Islands by CNN the Anambas archipelago is indeed a tropical paradise. Situated just 1 hour by air an sea from Singapore, the Anambas atoll are among Indonesia's most divine archipelagos. With turquoise and sapphire blue seas, white powder beaches and coconut palmed green islands dotted with azure lagoons. The location offers divers colorful underwater marine life, sun lovers will find pristine golden beaches and those seeking an exclusive frontier destination to unwind will be delighted with the tranquility found in this premium location surrounded by rich natural beauty and nature. 


If you are yearning for idyllic open space, the need for gorgeous sunsets, magnificent vistas, castaway bounty islands and blissful isolation, then this paradise like atoll is a somewhere for you.

Remote and blessed with stunning landscapes and seascapes, Anambas has been ranked a tropical island sanctuary and adorned by the exclusive sailing and diving fraternities for many years. You'll be forgiven for never having heard of it before. Very few have and if ever there was a time to make your acquaintance with Anambas, to experience this somewhat mystical sun-kissed island chain that some have called Asia's Maldives, now is it!

Getting To Anambas


This paradise island destination is a chain of blisteringly beautiful isles located within easy reach of Singapore just 45 mins by air. Skip internal flights and long layovers with an exciting  VIP float plane or luxury yacht transfer available to all Anambas villa owners!

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Anambas Archipelago
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